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Your gynecologist Dr. Nadja Fuhrmann

Welcome to our private gynecological practice in Bonn!

With passion and dedication for your health! Our goal ist to be there for you  with high standard medicine but also with time and compassion for your concerns.

Starting from teenager through all the lifestages of woman health is our medical commitment. Treating you with respect and kindness is not only our basic approach but also the beginning of our relationship which we are able to fill with high standard examinations and analytics to fullfill our goal: Your health !

About me

Dr. Nadja Fuhrmann
Born and raised in Bonn, Germany I completed medical school in Bonn and Hamburg and in Montreal, Canada. After spending my first four years in the Malteser hospital in Bonn and starting there with my specialization in obstetrics and gynaecology I lived for three years in the Bahamas where I worked for the Ministry of Public Health as a physician on Long Island, being the Island Doctor. After my return to Germany I completed my specialization in obstetrics and gynaecology in the St, Josef Hosptial in Troisdorf, followed by three years in a practice in Bonn Röttgen before I started my own practice now here in Bonn Duisdorf.
Besides my practice I love to spend time with my three children and my husband, and we all share a passion for horses.


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We are a private practice for obstetrics and gynaecology. If you are covered by statutory health insurance you can attend our practice as a self-paying patient.

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